What happens when America is colonized by vampires?

America has been colonized by Vampires, and it’s time for a culling. Only one person stands in their way—the Slayer!

Vampires have mostly left the idyllic community of Underwood alone, save for an annual lottery where the chosen are turned into ghouls or vampire food. When they choose Sunny’s eight-year-old brother, she has no choice but to pick up the mantle of Slayer.

Problem is, as a student of the local Legacy Academy, she’s never killed a vampire and doesn’t have the faintest idea how to do it. Armed only with her determination and, joined by her motley crew of two wolf-shifters, a moody vampire, and a tech-savvy human, she’ll have to learn fast.

The oligarchy doesn’t know what it’s up against!

Join Sunny and her squad as they strive to survive, push back against the powers that be, and fight for the survival of mankind in this slow-burn RH.

In this vampire-staking world, who’s going to win?


An Excerpt from Magical Mayhem

The vampires responded with gas to blind us. When they came, dressed in their black combat gear, we knew there would be no peace.

The sky exploded with rockets, lighting up the night. Red smoke wafted and mixed with a flash of the Molotov cocktails. The ground shook under the assault of bullets. They ricochet off of buildings, puncturing the concrete siding, leaving large gaping holes. Buildings cracked. Concrete and glass rained down upon humans below—including on my mother and me.

They came with their biggest weapons—they came prepared for a war to fight against the human’s revolution.

Tactical tanks rolled through, crushing everything within their path, while armed soldiers forced humans they’d captured to the nearby green space, pushing them to their knees. Some hung like wind chimes; others wore the evidence of one lone gunshot wound to the back of the head.

My mom and I raced through the maze of massacred bodies, all wiped out in different ways.  Many brave men responded with homemade weapons of pitchforks and machetes, but they couldn’t stand up against that of tanks and overhead armed helicopters.

Nothing the humans did could stop the vamps from coming to cull the children, not even a bloody revolution.

We had neither aerial assault possibilities nor tank crackers.  Neither guns nor bombs. All we had was our hope and determination.

My eyes burned, and although I wanted to rub them, instead, I tucked my face into my shirt like my mother said and gripped her hand tightly. With her vise-like hold, she yanked me farther forward, dragging me behind her. My shoes barely skimmed the ground, but I stumbled on.

People erupted in shouts, rushing out into the streets as if the fire from the sky above had afflicted them. Some people convulsed and writhed on the ground like they were possessed by an invisible power.

Those same people screamed and tore at their skin, scratching and bleeding out.  Men attempted to run away from their shadows, some going so far as to mutilate themselves as they argued with only what they could see.

The vampires didn’t need to harm us; they’d crafted another way—us doing it to ourselves.

“Look away, Sunny,” Mom commanded, and I nodded. Her hair was wrapped, tightly tucked under a black hooded cloak, and we hurried through the purging chaos we’d made. It was the sound of the horns that made us run faster.

“After them,” I heard someone shout behind us.

As fast as my eight-year-old legs could carry me, I ran. They, the boogiemen, with their red eyes and pointy teeth, were going to get us. Vamps were the stuff of my nightmares. I’d never known one, seen one outside of their uniforms. They didn’t patrol my streets, pass out candy during parades, or become community figures. Instead, they lived in limestone towers in the city—a city now under siege.

Automatic machine guns launched a barrage of bullets, cutting down those men around us—all stumbling and falling. Still, we ran. I chanced a glance over my shoulder. Behind us, the vamps moved in on tanks, crushing those people and anything else under their tracks.

We raced through the streets until we reached the abandoned warehouse of the old silver mine, situated by a dry riverbed.

My heart thudded; my vision blurred, but I knew enough to know that we only had mere seconds before the vampire soldiers would come in looking for us. The culling was tonight, and I was supposed to be on their list; it was ordered by the government, and no one was allowed to deny their precious order.

But our town had done just that. They refused to send in their kids, and when the vampire army moved in, I didn’t understand. All I knew was that the V-emblem on their suits reminded me of hellfire, their cold and red eyes of what the devil must have been like—if he existed.

Once inside, Mom moved to a far, dark corner, and pulled up a couple of wooden slats. The floor was covered in a silvery powder. She quickly rubbed the powder on my skin and her own, and together, we eased under the floorboards.

The doors flew open, and bright lights shone into the warehouse from outside.  Through the slats, I saw him, a monster of a man—large like a rhinoceros, with skin almost translucent. The floorboards creaked under the weight of this devil.  He stepped inside and let out a scream. “Silver,” he shouted and stepped back out, but the doors didn’t close.

Instead, another vampire who reminded me of one of those fairy tale princes came forward. His blond hair fluttered behind him, and his eyes were amber in color. With a mischievous grin, he raised his hand. “Light it up.”

And like that, what had been a safe haven, turned into a burning nightmare.



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I have read everything this author has solo written, I haven't gotten to her mystery books that are co-written. I loved this prequel of sorts that gives us the settings for her new series she is wanting to write. The slow burn was perfect as it gives us the perfect time to get to know everyone.

Tera C. Reviewer

I loved this book. I hope Tina does make it into a series. I love how it all came together in the end.

Laura H. Reviewer

I have been reading Tina's books for while now and she does not disappoint with this. I grew up in the time when shows and books about slayers were popular. I like the character Sunny she does what she has to, to protect those that she cares about. Even taking on a role she not really ready for at this time. That is a lot to carry on anyone's shoulders. I can't wait to read more of this series.

Destiny B. Reviewer
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