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Order of the Dragon Series

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The Journey Begins with

The road to destruction is only one tempting spell away.

What happens when an untrained seer possesses the most powerful grimoire ever to exist?

Leslie's a romance author, who happens to be conjuring magic. She's researching sigils for her latest Highlander romance, but her intentions have powered something sinister.

Don't miss out on this prequel novella that introduces Leslie, the supernatural world with all of the twists and turns.

Once Bitten

The dragon's blood that saved her had one little unforeseen consequence...
…it turned her into a vampire.

Twice As High

Every decision comes with consequences, even for a new vampire.

Leslie Love thought she'd simply sail back to the life she once knew as a romance writer, after her being turned into a vampire.

She's dropped in the supernatural tidal wave and can't swim: Alistair, her sire and fated mate, is missing; the Greek god, Poseidon, has threatened to flood New York City if she doesn't return his stolen Trident to him; and, a powerful dragon from beyond has decided today's the day to start the apocalypse, he only needs her help. Blech.

The stakes are sharp and high.

It's either kill or be killed. And this time, the dead won't rise.  


When life gives you lemons, make a margarita!

Vampire seer, Leslie, has been ordered to return to Scotland. But things make an awful shift to the left when she’s attacked on the streets of New York. Now, she’ll have to learn all that she can about this new supernatural world.

But what’s a woman to do when the goblin strikes?

The supernatural world isn’t all butterflies and unicorns. Leslie is now on the hunt. But what’s she supposed to do when a surprising new ally comes to her aid—Dracula himself—with an offer she might not be able to refuse?

Drink up, Buttercup! We’re in for one dangerous ride!

Even Vampires need toilet paper!

USA Today bestselling author Tina Glasneck is back with a hilarious take on quarantine for new vampire, Leslie Love!

The only thing promised is change, and Leslie Love is adjusting to her life as a new vampire and seer. Quarantine has her climbing the walls and questioning her eternal existence. The supernatural and human worlds are on lockdown, only allowing one out for the essentials.

When a toilet paper run turns into pure mayhem, Leslie is offered a chance to get toilet paper right off of the boat—a new shipment is coming in.

But not all things are as they appear.                  

Leslie must find her courage, her voice, her fire to survive a dance with the devil.

Quarantine is complicated, even for vampires.

Don't miss this fun romp. One-click now!

Chronologically, A Vampire Gives No Quarter is set after the events of Three Little Words, in the Order of the Dragon series.  

This supernatural vampire life itches, and the dark arts are at play.

When Leslie is knocked out by a ghost and fails her test to join the Order, her future is at stake.

Until she discovers a hidden safe in her apartment that includes handwritten runic staves and an old Revolutionary War button from her dead father.

Now, she's on a quest to find his connection to magic.

And her purpose.

But nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

What lurks in the dark must come to light.

The search for a hidden treasure leads to Leslie coming face to face with the legendary Headless Horseman.

And she's one magical blade's swing from joining his troop.

Ack! This vampire may have bitten off more than she can drink...

Discover  what's at stake in this new urban fantasy take on vampire lore with Four Times the Fight. 

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