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by Tina Glasneck

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Once Bitten

A new take on the old lore. What happens when dragon's blood creates a day-walking vampire? Death by accident, vampire by design! 

When romance author Leslie Love falls overboard while on a cruise ship, she's rescued by a creature who shouldn't exist. Taken to a castle full of magic and danger, she must embrace her destiny as a powerful vampire seer -- or fall victim to a deadly menace...

Read the USA Today bestselling novel, Once Bitten, where Tina Glasneck offers a hilarious mix of mystery, romance, magic and mayhem.

Readers who enjoy the paranormal, supernatural and mythological creatures, such as vampires, wereshifters, dragon shifters, and ghosts, as well as romances set in Scotland, will get a kick out of this paranormal adventure.

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This story is a nice little side story in her Dragons universe. Leslie has been dropped by her publisher and while she rather sit at home, she had already signed up to attend a writer’s cruise in Scotland. She unwittingly falls overboard and is rescued by Nessie, the dragon. What follows is the game of a God playing match-maker with a Dragon and a special girl form a prophecy. Once Bitten is a great story with romance, some humor and a bit of mystery; definitely worth the time to read.

- Kanyonmk, Reviewer

"Tina Glasneck's "Once Bitten" is a humorous story about a romance author, Leslie Love, who falls overboard while on a cruise. With the aid of her ghost grandmother, she wakes up in a Alistair MacLeod's castle. The problem is he had to bite her to bring her back to life, so now she can't go out in the sun and she has a thirst for human blood. One would think romance would come easy in a place on which all her scenes are based, but she puts up a good fight." - Skelly, Review

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