Grief can make us do crazy things...

...Like magic at 40.


It was just research, my obsession with magic, my occult collection, the grimoire I sometimes feared opening.

Until my dad died and I wanted him back.

Now I can't help but wonder, what if I used thegrimoire for more than stories? What if I cast a spell? What if I raised myfather from the dead?

Because I wasn't ready to let him go. I wasn'tready to say goodbye.

But all magic comes with a cost, and I'd justwritten a check I couldn't cash. Especially when a collector with fangs showsup at my door and opens up the whole supernatural world with one knock.

If I don't answer, this will all be in vain.But if I do, what awaits me on the other side might be a fate worse's and mine.

Zero Hour is the prequel to Once Bitten.
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